Archive of Past Posts

Here is a complete list of all of my posts, listed in chronological order:

August 2011:

1st – Embarking Upon a New Adventure

5th – Restaurant Reviews and Beer Links

8th – Thoughts Prior to Departure

13th – Landing in Dublin, Ireland

15th – Seafood and Stout in Ireland

19th – Still in Ireland – Cork, Killarney, and Galway

24th – Peace in Belfast and Festivals in Edinburgh

25th – Scotch Whisky and Haggis

29th – Rugby and Steel Drums in London

30th – Fish, Chips, Markets, and Cider

September 2011:

3rd – Skal from Kobenhavn!

3rd – Mikkeller and Noma

5th – 2 Days in Berlin

6th – Red Lights and Green Shops in Amsterdam

10th – Brussels and Brugges in the Rain

14th – Jamon and Beach-Bumming in Barcelona

16th – Museums in Madrid and Chasing Quixote in Toledo

22nd – As-salaam ‘alaykum from Marrakech

25th – A Brief Layover in Lyon

30th – “The Meat Sweats” in Praha, Wien, and Zuerich

October 2011:

5th – Return to Paris

7th – Calanques and Bouillabaisse in Marseilles

10th – Socca and Canyoning in the Cote d’Azur

13th – Living a Tough Life in Cinque Terre

17th – Wash Uffizi, Drive Me to Firenze

20th – Crowd-Surfing in Roma and Hanging with the Pope at my Hostel

24th – Gondolas, Glass-Blowing, and Grappa in Venezia

29th – Battling the Weather in Budapest

November 2011:

1st – Communing with Nature in Slovenia

8th – Further Explorations of Former Yugoslavia: Zagreb and Beograde

11th – Tracing History (and Chevapi) in Sarajevo and Mostar

17th – Seafood Feasts and Fantastic Vistas Along the Dalmatian Coastline

21st – A Short but Sweet Stay in Montenegro

29th – Carpets, Markets, and Hamams in Istanbul

December 2011:

2nd – Eating in Istanbul: A Lesson in Kebaps

6th – Fairy Chimneys and ATV Rides in Cappadocia

21st – Life on the Road Part 1: Reflections on Europe

January 2012:

15th – Singapore: A Beginner’s Guide to Asia

17th – Bumboats, Bike Rides, and Bars in the Sky – Additional Activities in Singapore

19th – Chicken Rice, Chili Crab, and Hawker Centers

23rd – A Splash of Color in Malacca

26th – Tower-Hopping in Kuala Lumpur

30th – Pulau Pinang: The Pearl of the Orient

February 2012:

7th – White Sands and Blue Waters Along the Andaman Coast

12th – More of a Good Thing on Thailand’s Southern Gulf Coast

18th – Glittering Temples, Muay Thai, and Smog in Bangkok

21st – “One Please” – Eating on the Street in Bangkok

27th – Exploring the History of Siam in Ayutthaya and Sukhothai

March 2012:

3rd – Noodles, Curries, and Rice: The Cuisine of Thailand

7th – Tigers, Temples, and Taking Time to Appreciate the Small Details in Chiang Mai

13th – Misty Mountain Haze in Mae Hong Son, Ziplines and Strange Eats in Chiang Mai, and More Amazing Sunsets in Bangkok

18th – The Temples of Angkor: Legacy of the Khmer Empire

21st – Markets, Night Life, and Houses on Stilts in Siem Reap

28th – Life in the Streets in Phnom Penh and Nothing but Beaches in Sihanoukville

April 2012:

1st – A Crash Course in Khmer Cuisine

5th – Lazy Days, Leisurely Strolls, and Laab in Vientiane

7th – Where Beauty Trumps Controversy in Vang Vieng

11th – River Views and Waterfalls in Luang Prabang

18th – Hanoi: City of the Rising Dragon

20th – “One Please” (Take Two) – Bowls of Pho, Glasses of Bia Hoi, and Other Street Eats in Hanoi

25th – Imperial Tombs, Prayer Pagodas, and Bo Bun in Hue

28th – Yellow Paint, Colorful Lanterns, and Cao Lau in Hoi An

May 2012:

4th – The Sea in Nha Trang and The Mountains in Da Lat

14th – Turning 30 in Saigon

June 2012:

19th – Life on the Road – Part 2: Reflections on Southeast Asia

July 2012:

22nd – Jumping with Maasai, Fishing in Lake Victoria, and Playing with Children in Karatu: Tanzania – Part One

25th – On Safari with the Predators and Prey: Tanzania – Part Two

28th – Ugali, Amarula Liquor, Sunsets, and Other Miscellaneous Goodies: Tanzania – Part Three

August, 2012:

24th – Neon Lights, Giant Lanterns, and Urban Sprawl in Tokyo

26th – Manicured Gardens, Island Getaways, and Manga-Infused Maid Cafes – Further Explorations of Tokyo

31st – Sushi, Sake, and Soy Sauce — Consuming and Imbibing in Tokyo

September, 2012:

3rd – Meandering Amongst the Mountains in the Japanese Alps

6th – Admiring the Garden Views Over Tea in Kanazawa

12th – Rock Gardens, Golden Temples, and Cultural Overload in Kyoto

18th – Thousands of Hungry Deer and One Very Large Buddha in Nara

22nd – A Different Perspective on the Urban Jungle in Osaka

25th – Okonomiyaki, Octopus Dumplings, and the Noble Art of Kuidaore

30th – Indulgent Eats in Kobe and a Solemn Sojourn in Koya-san

October, 2012:

4th – Artistic Spaces and Beautiful Places in Seoul

7th – Kimchi, Banchan, and Large Quantities of Soju

9th – Castle Walls and Galbitang in Suwon

12th – Hanji, Bibimbap, Art Exhibits, and Tea Fields

15th – Beaches, Lava Tubes, Volcanic Craters, and More Hiking: Busan and Jeju-do

15th – Special Note — Posts will likely be sporadic for the next few weeks

25th – Hidden Hutong, Forbidden Cities, a Great Wall, and Roasted Duck in Beijing –

29th – A Brief Glimpse into Ancient China in Pingyao

November, 2012:

5th – An Earthenware Army, a Holy Mountain, and More Street Eats in Xi’an

10th – Cuddly Pandas, Spicy Hotpots, and the World’s Tallest Buddha

18th – A City of Skyscrapers and Difficulties with Dumplings in Shanghai

26th – The Perfect Blend of Asian Characteristics in Taipei

December, 2012:

3rd – Stinky Tofu, Bubble Tea, and the Legendary Night Markets of Taiwan

21st – Rainy Days, Dim Sum, and Casinos in Hong Kong and Macau

February, 2013:

13th – Life on the Road – Part 3: Reflections on East Asia

16th – A Fort, a Mosque, a Pillar, and a Tomb in New Delhi

19th – A Day Well Spent in Agra

28th – Overlooking the Cities of Pink and Blue: Jaipur and Jodhpur

March, 2013:

10th – Camel Safaris and Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer

28th – Masalas, Naan, Thalis, and Lassi : Eating In and Around Northern India

April, 2013:

11th – A Final Few Days in Bombay and a Special Note on the Road Ahead

July, 2013:

27th – One Last Hurrah (For Now)

31st – A Two Day Teaser from Kyoto

August, 2013:

7th – Kumano Kodo – Part One: A Walk Through the Woods and a Soak in an Onsen

9th – Kumano Kodo – Part Two: The Towns, the Temples, and the Shrines

12th – Arriving in Okinawa: Japan’s Tropical Paradise

16th – Goya Champuru, Taco Rice, and Awamori Liquor: The Unique Cuisine of Okinawa

18th – Kayaking the Urauchi River and Fighting the Crowds in Kabira Bay

30th – Riding Out the Rainy Season in Rangoon

September, 2013:
6th – A Plain Full of Pagodas and a Temple in the Clouds

11th – Mohinga, Shan Noodles, and a Fermented Tea Leaf Salad

16th – A Final Farewell from Singapore

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