Special Note — Posts will likely be sporadic for the next few weeks

SPECIAL NOTE — I’ve left Korea and arrived in Beijing, China, so I am still venturing out into the unknown and exploring the new sights, sounds, tastes, and cultures of the world at large.  One unanticipated problem has arisen, however, in that I’m having great difficulty accessing my blog — or any blog, for that matter — while I’m here in China, as the so-dubbed “Great Firewall of China” has been blocking any of my attempts to log in.  I’m working on a few solutions to get around the problem, but I just wanted to put a note out there to let everyone know that my posts will likely be very sporadic (if I can post at all) for the next few weeks.  I’m going to continue to write new posts as I go, but I may have to save these up in a backlog and then post several at a time when I am either out of the country or can once again gain access.  I apologize for the inconvenience, but rest assured, that even despite an absence of posts for a while, I’m still alive and well.  Thanks, and hopefully I’ll be back online again soon!

– Andrew

About andrewamiet

I'm a 29 (now 31) year-old former desk jockey who is now making my way around the world, experiencing all of the sights, sounds, tastes, people, and culture that the world has to offer.

10 Responses to “Special Note — Posts will likely be sporadic for the next few weeks”

  1. Slaton from Bangkok Reply October 15, 2012 at 9:00 pm

    Congrats on getting to China. I definitely recommend you get to the Summer Palace. I loved that place.

    You should also check out the Holy Mountains (HuaShan especially) and Juizhaigou.

    Enjoy China!

    • Hey man, long time no see! I hit up the summer palace yesterday, and thought it was amazing (my favorite spot in Beijing), but I’ll try to check out HuaShan, too, as my rouch plan is zig-zag my way south from here. Thanks again, and hope all is well in your world!

  2. The important thing is that you are still enjoying the sights, sounds and tastes of your travels so BE SAFE and we will anxiously await your posts when you have traveled the roads of China.

  3. Andrew, I just wanted to take a chance to say hello since you might be unreachable for awhile. I hope everything is going smoothly for you, and I hope you have a really great time in China
    Take care, man.

  4. Andrew Please do not do anything to upset the Chinese Governmenet- we want you to come home whole. Thinking of you a lot===

    • I’ll try my best to not only avoid upsetting any officials, but any locals or other travelers, too. I appreciate having me in your thoughts, and I’ll hopefully be home sooner than later!

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