The imposign "India Gate," a monument dedicated to the 90,000 soldier's that died in three different wars around the early 1900's

A Fort, a Mosque, a Pillar, and a Tomb in New Delhi

After finding my seat on the airplane, I looked up to watch the remaining passengers board and began the game of mental Russian Roulette as to which person walking down the aisle will be the lucky one who has the seat next to me.  Shortly thereafter, a short man with a silly smile on his face that I had seen sitting at the […]

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The famous image of Chairman Mao at the Gate of Heavenly Peace

Hidden Hutong, Forbidden Cities, a Great Wall, and Roasted Duck in Beijing

Glancing at the crispy skin of the golden-roasted ducks hanging from steel hooks in the shopfront windows, surrounded by wandering hordes of identically dressed tour groups taking identical photos, breathing heavily and with tear-streaked eyes from the smoggy haze that blurs one’s vision, heeding the call of the street-side vendors hawking steaming piles of dumplings […]

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Sukuma Fishing Village 35 - Cool Scene

Jumping with Maasai, Fishing in Lake Victoria, and Playing with Children in Karatu: Tanzania – Part One

My brief sojourn from life on the road has finally come to an end, my default mental state has – thankfully – reverted back to that of a novice explorer first encountering new lands, and my energy reserves has been replenished, all in anticipation of diving back into the world with the renewed vigor and enthusiasm.  Restarting the “travel engine”, however, can […]

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Food 4 - Maxwell Road Hawker Center

A Final Farewell from Singapore

Over two years ago now, when I was in the planning stages for this entire crazy adventure that I’ve gotten myself into, my initial intention for this Round-the-World trip was just that: to embark on a journey around the world.  If you’ve been following my journey since then, you’ll long ago have realized that, as it turned […]

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An example of a traditional Burmese meal, in which a series of small dishes (each being unique and distinct) are all served at once alongside a never-ending bowl of rice.  In case you're curious, this particular meal (which included dessert, too) only cost a total of $3

Mohinga, Shan Noodles, and a Fermented Tea Leaf Salad

Eating in Myanmar is, if nothing else, a sensory experience — one that engages many more tactile functions than simply those of your tastebuds.  It lets you know that you could be nowhere other than Myanmar at that moment.  Whether it is the vibrant spray a lime squeezed over a fresh salad, the sizzle and crackle of battered […]

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That-byin-hyu Temple 3 - Gold Flake Buddha

A Plain Full of Pagodas and a Temple in the Clouds

In an attempt to escape the swampy wetlands and torrential downpours that make-up the delta region surrounding the city of Yangon, the next activity on my itinerary was to move North into the (relatively) dry heartland of Myanmar to take in the temples and views of the sprawling geographical region known as Bagan.  This area first came into […]

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Shwe Dagon Paya 20 - Pagodas

Riding Out the Rainy Season in Rangoon

Beyond the heat and humidity of the sub-tropical climate and the numerous golden pagodas that comprise the city’s skyline, through the beige-colored thanaka make-up smeared delicately across the cheeks of most women and children and the red-stained teeth of betel-leaf-chewing taxi drivers, past the ever-present traffic snarls of a major metropolitan area that doesn’t allow motorbikes or the fact that most men seem to be […]

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A trio of Hibiscus Flowers in near-perfect bloom

Kayaking the Urauchi River and Fighting the Crowds in Kabira Bay

After having sampled every culinary treat I could find in Naha, and subsequently lounging off the post-meal malaise on the beaches of Zamami-jima, my next destination was that of the Yaeyama Islands in the very Southwest corner of the Okinawan Island chain (only a stone’s throw away from Taiwan, if that gives you a better idea of location).  Continuing […]

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Shelves of Awamori, otherwise known as “Okinawan Sake”

Goya Champuru, Taco Rice, and Awamori Liquor: The Unique Cuisine of Okinawa

Tokyo may be famous for its fresh sushi bars and seemingly uncountable ramen joints; the old capital of Kyoto offers diners a peek into the high art of Kaiseki cuisine as well as a variety of tea sweets; a trek into sacred Koya-san will lead one to the heart of the vegetarian Shojin-ryori fare of […]

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Furuzamami Beach 27 - Rocks

Arriving in Okinawa: Japan’s Tropical Paradise

Beyond the rustic aesthetic of the temples or serene nature of the shrines, the towering torii gates or the snow-capped mountains, the perfectly manicured gardens or elegantly choreographed tea ceremonies, or the flashy neon mega-cities and ultra-modern transportation methods lies another — and often overlooked — face of Japan: that of the tropical paradise of the Okinawan Islands.  Its isolated […]

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The Three-Storied Pagoda and Nachi-no-Otaki Waterfall in the town of Nachi-san, one of the highlights of the entire Kumano Kodo

Kumano Kodo – Part Two: The Towns, the Temples, and the Shrines

NOTE – Part One of my Kumano Kodo Experience can be seen by clicking here. Tanabe, Japan: Before ever setting foot on the mountain or steeping into the forest, most visitors choose to first make a pit stop through the town of Tanabe, just outside of which lies the beginning of the Nakahechi Trail, the […]

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A trail market letting you know you’re still headed in the right direction

Kumano Kodo – Part One: A Walk Through the Woods and a Soak in an Onsen

Due South of Kyoto, in the Wakayama Prefecture, lies the Kii Peninsula,  stretch of forest and mountains that has long been thought to be the home of many Shinto deities, or spirits, known as “Kami” — which later morphed into expressions of the Bodhisattva as the Buddhist and Shinto faiths became intertwined within Japan’s religious beliefs.  As […]

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Kyoto Streets 8 - Sannen-zaka

A Two Day Teaser from Kyoto

When planning the final leg of my Round-the-World trip, I’ve had enough experience to know to account for some extra jet-lag recovery time before making any actual plans — and with this particular trip requiring me to re-set my body’s clock forward 13 hours (a significant adjustment), I knew that I’d likely need at least a few days before […]

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