Food Specific Posts

Almost every post I’ve put up so far has at least somewhat of a foodie slant to it — so if you want to see every delicious morsel of food I’ve spoken about, you’ll have to wade through the whole shebang — but just the same, I have dedicated a few posts to nothing other than the culinary side of a given destination.  After all, it was ultimately the food that drove me to trek all over the world, and it is the food that can speak more about a given location’s culture, history, and identity than any other single factor.  Enjoy!

2011-08-05 – Restaurant Reviews and Beer Links (looking back on these now, my reviews are a bit amateur, but I was just starting to write)

2011-08-15 – Seafood and Stout in Ireland

2011-08-25 – Scotch Whisky and Haggis

2011-08-30 – Fish, Chips, Markets, and Cider

2011-09-03 – Mikkeller and Noma

2011-12-02 – Eating in Istanbul: A Lesson in Kebaps

2012-01-19 – Chicken Rice, Chili Crab, and Hawker Centers

2012-02-21 – “One Please” – Eating on the Street in Bangkok

2012-03-03 – Noodles, Curries, and Rice: The Cuisine of Thailand

2012-04-01 – A Crash Course in Khmer Cuisine

2012-04-20 – “One Please” (Take Two) – Bowls of Pho, Glasses of Bia Hoi, and Other Street Eats in Hanoi

2012-07-28 – Ugali, Amarula Liquor, Sunsets, and Other Miscellaneous Goodies: Tanzania – Part Three

2012-08-31 – Sushi, Sake, and Soy Sauce – Consuming and Imbibing in Tokyo

2012-09-25 – Okonomiyaki, Octopus Dumplings, and the Noble Art of Kuidaore

2012-10-07 – Kimchi, Banchan, and Large Quantities of Soju

2012-12-03 – Stinky Tofu, Bubble Tea, and the Legendary Night Markets of Taiwan

2013-03-28 – Masalas, Naan, Thalis, and Lassi: Eating In and Around Northern India

2013-08-16 – Goya Champuru, Taco Rice, and Awamori Liquor: The Unique Cuisine of Okinawa

2013-09-11 — Mohinga, Shan Noodles, and a Fermented Tea Leaf Salad

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