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The hand of the seated Buddha at Wat Si Chum

Exploring the History of Siam in Ayutthaya and Sukhothai

Looking back through history, the origins of the country we now know of as Thailand are a debatable topic, as various other cultures (The Mon, Khmer, and Malays, for example) already existed in the region centuries before the arrival of the Southern Chinese immigrant known as the “Tai” — who are largely credited as being the original “Thais” — […]

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The Soi 38 Night Market just off Sukhumvit - my personal go-to in the city

“One Please” – Eating on the Street in Bangkok

When traveling through Southeast Asia for the first time, one of most apparent aspects of the culture that will remain in your mind is the unavoidable presence of the street food vendors.  Whether they are small carts pulled by a motorbike, full-on trucks decks out with grills and burners, open-air shophouses with chairs thrown out on the sidewalk, or […]

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Glittering Temples, Muay Thai, and Smog in Bangkok

When thinking about the world’s most dubious cities — the places where anything goes, where the party rages all night long, and dirty deeds occur on a regular basis — places like Las Vegas or Amsterdam always spring to mind, but usually the one that takes the cake is the chaotic capital city of Bangkok.  Whereas […]

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More of a Good Thing on Thailand’s Southern Gulf Coast

I’ve honestly never thought of myself as much of a beach person, but after the quantity and quality of beaches I’ve been seeing in Thailand so far, I’m finally warming up to the joys of plopping down on the sand and seeing how many hours I can go without moving.  After spending the better part of a week along the Andaman Coast, I was […]

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White Sands and Blue Waters Along the Andaman Coast

Though many begin their Thailand adventures in the infamous capital of Bangkok, I choose to save the most notorious for a later date and head straight for what is arguably the most beautiful: The Andaman Coast.  This stretch of island-dotted coastline, which lies along the very Southwest edge of the Thailand Peninsula, consistently accounts for a significant chunk of every travel […]

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