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Ugali, Amarula Liquor, Sunsets, and Other Miscellaneous Goodies: Tanzania – Part Three

The foods encountered within Tanzania can range from the starch heavy stomach bombs of ugali and rice within the cities and towns all the way to the milk and blood mixture that serves as the primary means of sustenance for tribes like the Maasai, from freshly caught seafood along Lake Victoria to the coconut and curry heavy […]

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On Safari with the Predators and Prey: Tanzania – Part Two

Whether it is diving amongst the colorful and quirky sea creature along the Great Barrier Reef, mingling with lemurs and lizards in Madagascar, tracing evolution in the isolated species of the Galapagos Islands, or tracking grizzlies and whales in Alaska, the world offers us a multitude of fantastic locations in which to view wild animals carousing and carrying-on in their native environment.  […]

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Jumping with Maasai, Fishing in Lake Victoria, and Playing with Children in Karatu: Tanzania – Part One

My brief sojourn from life on the road has finally come to an end, my default mental state has – thankfully – reverted back to that of a novice explorer first encountering new lands, and my energy reserves has been replenished, all in anticipation of diving back into the world with the renewed vigor and enthusiasm.  Restarting the “travel engine”, however, can […]

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