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Still in Ireland – Cork, Killarney, and Galway

Cork, Ireland: I’ve been on the move since I left Dublin, but I am still in Ireland, as it is certainly tough to leave!  As mentioned in my previous “Food and Drink” post, my first stop post-Dublin was to the vibrant and energetic city of Cork.  In regards to the various cities in the Republic of Ireland, […]

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Seafood and Stout in Ireland

Guinness and Oysters It would be difficult (and somewhat neglectful of me) to start off a post about the food and drink of Ireland without including a picture of one of the most quintessential combinations: Oysters and Stout — of which, incidentally, the oysters were some of the best I’ve ever had. And naturally, when you’re in Dublin, the […]

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Landing in Dublin, Ireland

After a few days of fighting the ugly beast known as Jet Lag, I’m finally able to jump on and lay out my first post in Dublin (sorry for the delay).  I did arrive safely and the trip has started off on a positive note.  The flight was a bit long, but somehow I was lucky enough to […]

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