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A Fort, a Mosque, a Pillar, and a Tomb in New Delhi

After finding my seat on the airplane, I looked up to watch the remaining passengers board and began the game of mental Russian Roulette as to which person walking down the aisle will be the lucky one who has the seat next to me.  Shortly thereafter, a short man with a silly smile on his face that I had seen sitting at the […]

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Hidden Hutong, Forbidden Cities, a Great Wall, and Roasted Duck in Beijing

Glancing at the crispy skin of the golden-roasted ducks hanging from steel hooks in the shopfront windows, surrounded by wandering hordes of identically dressed tour groups taking identical photos, breathing heavily and with tear-streaked eyes from the smoggy haze that blurs one’s vision, heeding the call of the street-side vendors hawking steaming piles of dumplings […]

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Jumping with Maasai, Fishing in Lake Victoria, and Playing with Children in Karatu: Tanzania – Part One

My brief sojourn from life on the road has finally come to an end, my default mental state has – thankfully – reverted back to that of a novice explorer first encountering new lands, and my energy reserves has been replenished, all in anticipation of diving back into the world with the renewed vigor and enthusiasm.  Restarting the “travel engine”, however, can […]

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