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Mohinga, Shan Noodles, and a Fermented Tea Leaf Salad

Eating in Myanmar is, if nothing else, a sensory experience — one that engages many more tactile functions than simply those of your tastebuds.  It lets you know that you could be nowhere other than Myanmar at that moment.  Whether it is the vibrant spray a lime squeezed over a fresh salad, the sizzle and crackle of battered […]

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A Plain Full of Pagodas and a Temple in the Clouds

In an attempt to escape the swampy wetlands and torrential downpours that make-up the delta region surrounding the city of Yangon, the next activity on my itinerary was to move North into the (relatively) dry heartland of Myanmar to take in the temples and views of the sprawling geographical region known as Bagan.  This area first came into […]

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Riding Out the Rainy Season in Rangoon

Beyond the heat and humidity of the sub-tropical climate and the numerous golden pagodas that comprise the city’s skyline, through the beige-colored thanaka make-up smeared delicately across the cheeks of most women and children and the red-stained teeth of betel-leaf-chewing taxi drivers, past the ever-present traffic snarls of a major metropolitan area that doesn’t allow motorbikes or the fact that most men seem to be […]

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