Shiguretei Tea House 10 – Admire the bowl

The tea of choice is always matcha, a bitter brew made from whisking up hot water and ground tea leaves (in powder form) into a frothy foam. The tea will always be served in a unique bowl with a one side being the front (which will be served facing you) that has a decorative marking of some sort. Similar to eating the sweet, you pick up the bowl with your right hand and place it in the palm of your left. You can then admire the bowl itself for a minute, before turning the bowl 90-degrees clockwise twice. With the “face” now turned away from you, you can drink the tea (usually in 3-4 sips).

I'm a 29 (now 31) year-old former desk jockey who is now making my way around the world, experiencing all of the sights, sounds, tastes, people, and culture that the world has to offer.

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